A culture of racism

An ex-University of York student has revealed the extent of the racist abuse and bullying that they received during their time at the University.

Speaking exclusively to Vision, the student recalled three years of what she described as “continuing and cumulative racism”, and how she had to “endure inhumane and degrading treatment” and how she was “treated like an alien on campus.”

The student told Vision how, during her time living in Halifax College and off-campus in York, she was repeatedly referred to as “the nigger” by housemates and other students when they believed she was out of earshot.

She also described how, when dealing with a query, a porter at Halifax College asked her: “Is the University just letting anyone in nowadays?” in 2009.

Although international students make up 23% of York’s student population, which presently stands at 15,782, with international students coming to the University from over 120 different countries, these shocking revelations display a racist attitude that most would believe that a highly educated group would not hold.

In addition to her ill treatment at the hands of students, whilst studying Law at the University, the student described how she felt: “it was assumed that my bad performance was normal, the best that I could do, and that I was underperforming because I was black and that somehow as a black person low standards were acceptable to me.”

“Ultimately, I was written off quite early on because I was black.”

via A culture of racism | York Vision.


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