Women in academia: what does it take to reach the top?

It is tough out there for women and we all need to learn to take responsibility for our own careers. You can’t get a job or promotion if you don’t apply for it, so put yourself forward. Women need to build their self-confidence and realise they can do whatever they want. They must not give up when there is a stumbling block.

I have applied for many things that I haven’t got, and put myself forward for promotions that went to someone else. At times it would have been easy to give up, but I’ve learned the importance of being resilient. It is fiercely competitive out there and that is not going to change.

When you do get a promotion or an opportunity to sit on a board, be sure to do it well; be prepared and speak up. It is not about being aggressive, it is about learning to be heard by consistently being a valued contributor.

My career has constantly been about overcoming low expectations of what women could achieve and the contribution they could make. It was quite some time before I realised that is was acceptable to want to be a medical director or lead an organisation.

via Women in academia: what does it take to reach the top? | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional.


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