BME committee continue to fight institutional racism

The Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) committee are highlighting the “institutional racism” directed towards BME students at the University of Sheffield through, often unintended, everyday “racial microaggressions”.

The #ITooAmSheffield campaign was launched in Sheffield at the end of March taking inspiration from the similar campaigns at Oxford and Harvard which have encouraged BME students to share their experiences of racism and prejudice at their respective universities.

The BME committee blog says:  “These comments and assumptions rooted in racist and ignorant stereotypes being made by fellow students on campus not only illustrate regular experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) students but they may also go some way in highlighting behaviour that people may not initially consider to be racist but is still rooted in prejudice. These contribute to black and minority ethnic students feeling marginalised at university.”

A member of the BME committee, Sparsh Pandya said: “We used these shared experiences to link with our campaign for a BME officer.”

The group is urging the University of Sheffield Students’ Union to create a specific BME officer role and will be holding a referendum in October.

A University spokesperson said: “We are committed to promoting equality and diversity and nurturing a multi-cultural environment.

via BME committee continue to fight institutional racism with #ITooAmSheffield |


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