Campaign highlights racism at university

Sparked off by the I, Too, Am Harvard campaign, students from Oxford are sharing their experiences of racist microaggressions.

It’s an experience many, if not all, black and ethnic minority students have had: that time when a white student says or does something racist to you, and you only have two options when it comes to responding.

One is to shrug it off and pretend it didn’t happen, meaning that the person is unaware of how they just hurt you and may well go on to do it again; and the other is to confront it head on, get a reputation as being “that” kind of ethnic minority person, and possibly start an argument.

Or, you can start a bold, preferably humourous campaign that shows up just how often these microaggressions happen. One such is “I, Too, Am Oxford”.

A microaggression is something bigoted or ignorant that is said or done to an oppressed person that reminds them of the said oppression.

For a woman, that could be something like “Oh, women are just naturally bad at science.”

For a person of colour, it could be “I don’t even see race!”

For a LGBT person, it could be “I’d never have thought you were gay/bi/trans!”

And of course, it could be all of those things if you happen to be an LGBT minority woman, or any other combination of identities that are still not fully accepted into society.

When you are not white and go to university – not just Oxford – you come across these things all the time.

via Campaign highlights racism at university | Women’s Views on News.


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