York University Hockey Team Investigated Over Vile Tweets On Rape, Racism And Sexism

A university’s hockey team is under investigation after tweets on a private account were exposed revealing racist, sexist and xenophobic messages – including one which expressed the love of stabbing black people.

York University is working with the student union to punish the individuals responsible, who were the hockey club’s social secretaries.

Messages posted on the @UyhcSocSecs account, which at the time of closure had 64 followers, included: “You think your initiation is over! I may just rape her”; “I love stabbing black people”; and “oi lower race, down it”.

Another tweet described a student as “chinkeye”, with one follower of the account responding: “He isn’t allowed to join the club.”

The Twitter account was exposed by student paper York Vision, who report that the official university hockey club Twitter account was following the handle.

According to the paper, most of the 500-odd tweets issued had initials next to the quotes to determine who said the statement.

The hockey club’s presidents released a statement confirming the account was run by four of its members.

“The University of York Hockey Club would like to sincerely apologise for the twitter account set up by our Social Secretaries. In no way was the hockey club affiliated with or in any way endorsed the account. The tweets are wholly unacceptable and do not reflect or represent the opinions or views held by the Hockey Club.

via York University Hockey Team Investigated Over Vile Tweets On Rape, Racism And Sexism.


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